Structuring and management of securitization operations of secured and unsecured loans tailored for Institutional and Private Investors.

With a constant screening of the main Italian courts, Suits NPL closely monitors the publication of the most interesting real estate auctions without executive procedures problems.

The main target is represented by first lien mortgage loans in which the characteristics of the underlying and the progress of the procedure allow a clear estimation of timing and recovery methods.

The focus is set on the rapid and advantageous collateral recovery, obtained through the identification, the development and the promotion of the most interesting properties for the real estate market.

Suits NPL follows the operation in each stage, from the research and evaluation of investment opportunities, to due diligence and credit purchase activities, till planning and implementation of the best recovery strategy.

The entire process takes place in constant contact with the investor in order to always answer his needs. The structuring and development of the operation are customized in order to optimize the results in relation to the risk appetite, the investor’s time horizon and preferences, as well as to the overall size of the investment.

The constant attention to the legislative innovations and market developments allow us to always offer the best solution, in terms of transaction structure as well as type and geolocation of the acquired assets.

Suits NPL activities


Pursuit of Investments Opportunities


Credit Acquisition's Due Diligence


Credit Management Activities


Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

The recovery channels differ according to individual cases to ensure the best possible ratio between the resources invested and the return on investment. Overall it’s possible to identify four main strategies through which Suits NPL operates:

The aim is to reach an agreement that satisfies the parties maintaining contact with the debtor. In the event that the debtor has no possibility to plan a debt repayment, we proceed with the consensual disposal of the asset on the open market.

Promoting the auction of the properties, involving real estate agents and operators in order to increase the number of people that takes part in the auction and possibly increase the sale.

RE.O.CO (Real Estate Owned Companies)
Direct participation in the auction by an associated real estate company (Re.o.Co), with the dual purpose of increasing the number of raises and winning the auction. In the second case we proceed with the debt assumption and the sale of the asset on the open market.

We introduce a preventive assignment instance and monitor the auction sale. Both Re.o.Co and Assignment activities are used to speed up the debt recovery process. The exit strategy consists of a typically real estate activity, aiming to maximize the return on investment. With the support of experienced real estate professionals, we will implement two distinct phases:

  • Enhance the real estate (renovation - home staging) with the aim to increase the real or perceived market value.
  • Market the property with the collaboration of the area real estate agents, who perfectly know the local sales dynamics.

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