Support activity to banking institutions in the management and recovery of non-performing loans

The specific skills and multidisciplinary resources of the company are made available to banking institutions that want to increase the value of their NPLs.

Management and recovery support activities are structured according to the institution’s needs, implementing the most suitable recovery strategy for each credit line.
Suits NPL also deals in repossession activities (


Suits NPL provides a summary assessment of the properties, classifying the positions based on the operation priority.The classification is made by cross-checking the following factors: the state of the executive procedure, the amount of credit and the commercial appeal of the property.


Suits NPL promotes the auction sale of properties, based on the operation priority, involving real estate agents and operators in order to increase the number of people that takes part in the auction and possibly increase the sale. Suits NPL also maintains relationships with lawyers, supporting them in the procedure. It intervenes to optimize the time of sale and accelerate the collection time.

RE.O.CO ACTIVITY (Real Estate Owned COmpany)

Suits NPL identifies undervalued properties in the current market conditions, suggesting the market value and the cost to restore the property. By prior agreement with the Bank and after having set a price limit, Suits NPL directly participates in the auctions with the aim of winning them. In case of direct award, Suits NPL proceeds with the enhancement of the property and the final sale of it on the open market, at the price agreed with the Bank.


Suits NPL verifies the possibility to find an extrajudicial solution for the repayment of the debt claimed by the Bank, contacting debtors and guarantors in order to collect debt repayment proposals. In case it is not possible to fulfil a repayment plan, Suits NPL supports the debtors during the consensual sale of the asset.


Suits NPL also provides solutions for credit assignment to specific players, which are identified by Suits NPL or by the Bank, supporting the Bank in the decision-making process and in the operational phase of the assignment.

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